Names and Numbers at a Glance


NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
6250 Helpdesk
6258 Helpdesk
6270 Helpdesk

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Account Test
Adams Roy Assistant Professor of Business
Adamson Thomas Associate Professor of Business 402-941-6312 AND 307
Admissions WorkStudy 2
Albrecht Dave Sports Information Dir. 402-941-6244 Anderson 1st North
Almond Terrance Assistant Wrestling Coach
Anderson Eric Asst Football Coach
Anderson-Ludrick Robert
Andrews Nicole
Anthony Joan

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
arts performing

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Atholi Avi MBA Instructor
AttentionSpan Short
Avcoin Samantha

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Baker Austin
Balk Samuel
Ball Mary
Baltzer Sarah
Barber Antonio Wrestling Assistant Coach 402-941-6086
Barker Rex Dir of Instrumental Activities 402-941-6337 Clemmons
Barta Joel
Bauer Dina NexusConsultant
Baumeister Rebecca Clinical Instructor 402-941-6287 AND 204
Beach Dr. Gerald Instructor 402-941-6033 AND 401
Beier Bethany
Benjamin Jodi Vice President for Finance and Administration 402-941-6102
Bennett Bill Instructor Anderson 1st South
Bergen Morgan
Billing Student
Blackburn Paul
Blaha Erin
Blanchard Ashley Financial Aid Counselor 402-941-6163 Anderson
Blanchette Paul
Blandon Sebastian
Blessie Anthony
Bojanski Matthew Admissions Counselor 402-941-6508 Anderson
Bolton Sheri
Bombeck Chandra
Boone Nick Director of Admissions 402-941-6016 Anderson
Booze Philip
Bothe Brandi
Box Suggestion
Boyle Mary Assistant Professor of Humanities, Emeritus 402-941-6397 AND 306
Boyle Tom Emeritus
Bracker Joanne Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Emeritus 402-941-6362 AND 307 B
Brackett Brandon
Bradley Erin Director of Performing Arts 402-941-6387 Kimmel
Brandert Amy Accompanist Clemmons
Braun Jeffrey
Brester Deborah Clinical Instructor AND 203
Brewer Joseph
Brewer Anna
Bridges Myron 402-941-6193
Brinkman Thomas GA
Bristol Rita Associate Professor of Business 402-941-6310 AND 307 A
Britten Adam Admissions Counselor 402-941-6504 Anderson
Brousek Greg
Brown Kingsley Program Assistant 402-941-6107 Anderson
Bucy Joan Instructor none FH210
Buffington Tracy Communications Content Manager 402-941-6247 Anderson
Burke Liah
Burkhart Nancy
Butka Greg Arts Events & Stage Mgr. 402-941-6018 Kimmel

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Cadwallader Traci
Calendar Academic
Campos Bruno
Camps YA
Caraway Joshua E
CarlsonDr. Gary Arboretum Curator 402-941-6328 SWA 307A
Carney Patrick
Cassar Kevin
Cassoutt Derek
Cattlett James Instructor
Cedfeldt Caitlin
Center Career
Chatters Lawrence
Cherfils Sadrac Track/Field/C. Country Graduate Assistant 402-941-6028
Choate Jay
Choir Honors
Christensen Nancy
Churchich Elizabeth MBA Program Manager 402-941-6517
Cirone Jason Hockey Coach Hopkins
Clark Clarence
Clausen Jeremy Athletic Trainer 402-941-6426 Hopkins
Claussen Kevin Maintenance Technician 402-941-6133
Cleary Matthew
ClementsDr. Gregory Professor of Physics and Mathematics 402-941-6353 SWA 103 S
Coach eSports
Coffman Leslie
Coke Barbara Library Staff 402-941-6253
Colgan Rick
Collins Kelly
Collins Charles
Conkright Todd Assistant Professor of Business
Conrad Dr. George Instructor 402-941-6014 AND 401
Cooper Sarah
Corbett Chloe
Cottle Joseph
Counter WS
Counter1 WS
Counter2 WS
Counter3 WS
Counter4 WS
Courter Tyler
Covington Jane Adjunct Faculty AND207
Cowling Ron NexusConsultant
Craighead Gwynese
Crowley Stephanie FB/WF Product Manager
Cudly Brent
Custodial ATS

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
DAngelo Emily
Day Andrew
Dean Barb
Dean Matthew
Delanie Cynthia Assistant Professor of Nursing 402-941-6284 AND 212
Denman Paige
Dennis Jeffrey Instructor
Department IT
Department Marketing
DePriest Jesse
Dierman Karl
Dobler Paul
Dodd McKenna
Dodd Cynthia Instructor
Donscheski Roger Electrician 402-941-6125
Downing Misty
Drake Oliver Men's Basketball Coach 402-941-6526 Hopkins
Drake Kristen Alumni Coordinator 402-941-6055 Anderson
Dusso Ryan L
Dvorak Kris Student Services Coordinator 402-941-6404
Dzuris Ross GA

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Eberspacher Brad Director of Annual Giving 402-941-6053 Anderson
Eden Doug
Edwards Shelby Hockey GA
Eller Gary
Ellstrand Kevin
Else Robert
Emerson Marybeth TEG Group Consultant
Erickson Bret Shotgun Sports Head Coach 706-577-1963
Ethier Lori Director of Student Success 402-941-6481 OSC East Side
Evanich Dr. Sue Admin. Dir./Professor 402-941-6380 AND422D

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Fainaru Keren
Falkowski Paul
Faller Logan
Fangmeier Wynn Wrestling Assistant Coach
Farraj Chuck
FAX: Admissions #6513 402-941-6513
FAX: Athl. Training 402-941-6011
FAX: Business Office 402-721-0250
FAX: Development 402-941-6539
FAX: Dining Hall 402-721-0255
FAX: Financial Aid 402-941-6225
FAX: Hopkins Arena 402-721-9406
FAX: Library 402-727-6223
FAX: Nursing 402-941-6279
FAX: Physical Plant 402-941-6129
FAX: Registrar 402-941-6224
FAX: Student Dev. 402-727-5676
Ferg Theresa
Ferzely Eliza Vice President for Admissions and Enrollment 402-941-6141
Festival The
Field Jef Associate Professor of Human Performance 402-941-6371 AND 418
FINAID: Assistant 402-941-6520
Finn Bailey
Flippin Kaleigh
FoleyDr. Elizabeth Adjunct Instructor 402-941-6332 AND 400
Folkers Jamie Administrative Assistant to the School of Education 402-941-6449 AND 422
Forbes Gerard
Ford Jody
Frank Tom Maintenance Technician 402-941-6126
French Laura
FritzDr. Donald Instructor MED
Frost Joseph MBA Instructor Anderson 1st South

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Gann Dustin
Ganzel Vicki Instructor none HOP122
Garay Helga Office Manager Anderson 1st Floor
Garay Leslie
Gavazova Dobrina
Geary Patrick Director of Assessment/Instructor 402-941-6033 AND 401
Gegzna Jared Residence Hall Director 402-941-6037 OSC 2nd Floor
Gegzna Jennifer
Gentrup Matt
Gerber Daniel Assistant Coach Track and Field 402-941-6451 Hopkins
Giesselmann Paul Head Volleyball Coach 402-941-6318
Gilbert Shawn Women's Basketball Coach 402-941-6177 Hopkin
Gillespie David Athletic Director 402-941-6545 Hopkins
Goode Travis Director of Instrumental Music 402-941-6390 Clemmons
Goodlett Alycia
Goodman Andrew
Goodrich Sarah 402-941-6136 Dinning Hall
Gossett Jill
Gratopp Traci
Graver Suzy
Gray Tricia M
Greek Life
Griffin Melissa Admissions Counselor 402-941-6538 Anderson
Grimm Julie
Groves Denise CM Ret 360
Guest FA
Guest MLC

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Hall Peggy
Hammer Leaha
Harnisch Gerald Emeritus 402-941-6271
Harris Jeffrey
Harris Randy
Hartman Doug Emeritus 941-6383
Hartung Jonathan
Hassall Hal consultant
Haynes Darien
Hays Kathy Director of Arts Student Acheivement 402-941-6424 Kimmel
Hays Dan Dir. Theater Activities 402-941-6390 Kimmel
Heard Michael Head Softball Coach 402-941-6038 Hopkins
Hegstrom Matthew Performing Arts Grad Assistant Kimmel
Hehr Lochlan Computer Support Analyst
Help Desk Level 3
Help Desk Level One
Help Desk Level Two 402-941-6270
Herre Mike
Hess Heather
Heyen Ashley
Higgins Julie
Hill Bode Associate Director of Admissions 402-941-6511
Hill Mary Alice Assistant Professor of Business
Hinman Kathleen Faculty
Hinrichs Jordan
Hoogestraat Julie
Horan Steven
Horner Jody President 402-941-6000 Anderson
Horner Blair
Hotovy Becky Instructor 402-941-6291 AND 213
HuangDr. Zhongming Professor of Math 402-941-6382 SWA 09 B
Huber Michelle
Hughes Larry Assistant Professor of Business
Hughes Lisa F.A. Counselor 402-941-6144 Anderson 2nd Floor
HultsDr. Jan Associate Professor of History AND 400
Huss John Instructor 402-619-9512 Clemmons

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Institutional Review Board IRB
Intern Development
Intramurals Midland
IT Gordon
IT Help Desk 402-941-6270
Ivey Ed Instructor

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Jabbour Rula
Jamrog Jeff Head Football Coach 402-941-6366 Watchorn
Janke Kris
Janssen Jessica Vice President for Development 402-941-6523 Anderson
Jarosik Greg Women's Soccer Coach 402-941-6431 Hopkins
Jennings Brenda Instructor
Johannsen Caryl HR Generalist 402-941-6058 Anderson
JohnsonDr. Lance Professor 402-941-6306 SWA 205
JohnsonDr. Teresa Instructor 402-941-6308 SWA 205
Johnson Clayton
Jones Nathan GA
Joshua Rob Contractor 3023763676
JOU: Journalism Center 402-941-6374

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Kalin Nathan
Kalvakunta Pavan
Kaminski Julie Instructor
Kashyap Suneel
Kaup Joseph
Kendall Nicole Assistant Professor in Physical Education and Coach
Kersten Kolton
Khatiwada Dharma
Kiefer Jesse
Kilgore Rhonda
Kimminau Stacy Moodle Support Specialist 402-941-6272 Library
Kimminau-Admin Stacy
Kirby William
Kirby Douglas Director of Safety & Security 402-941-6444
Klenk Josh
Knapp Michelle
Knoell Jessica Office Manager for the President & Administrative Services 402-941-6142
Knowlton Adam
Koch Casey Dir. Financial Planning/Analysis 402-941-6143 Anderson 2nd Floor
Koehler Sherry Assistant Controller 402-941-6104
Kohl Dee Instructor/Chemistry Lab Coord. SWA 302
Kohler Sarah
Koop Malachi
Kortan Karen
Kostek Mark Track/Field/C. Country Coach 402-941-6085 Hopkins 103F
Kountouriotis Perry
Kramme Keith Student Success Advisor 402-941-6059 OSC East Side
Kraus Kevin
Kraus-admin Kevin
Kraus-Hier MaryJo
Kreikemeier Keaton
Kreikemeier Connie Dir. of Career Services 402-941-6401 OSC
Kroupa Michael
Kruetzfeldt Derrick
Kruml Susan VP for Academic Affairs 402-941-6200 Anderson 2nd Floor
KrusiewiczDr. Henry Professor of English 402-941-6340 AND 405
Kuhl Warren Women`s Golf Head Coach
Kuhr Sheryl Administrative Asst. to Registrar

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Labrot Zachary
LackDr. Janet Student Success Advisor 402-941-6405 OSC East Side
Lambourn Roger
Larsen Sarah Admissions Counselor 402-941-6025 Anderson
Larsen Tracy Assistant Professor of English
Leach BaiLeigh
Leader Alex
Leatherbury Kasee Instructor
Lembke Mark
LIB: Main Desk 402-941-6250
Lim Sharon
Line Events
Lingren Brooke
Lo Chiano Steve Systems Developer 402-941-6265 SWA 2B
Loftis Tamera
Loftus Jake
Logue Rebecca
Logue Jim Director of Choral Music 402-941-6388 Clemmons
LOUNGE: Anderson 402-941-6131
Lowe Janet Instructor

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Maakestad Clare
Mac The
Maczka Eric Director of Academic Services 402-941-6201 AND 2nd Floor
Malan Andrew
ManishDr. Bhaswati Instructor SWA 302
ManishDr. Chintamani Associate Professor of Biology 402-941-6305 SWA 202A
Marietta Matt Assist. Football Coach Watchorn
Marlier Ann Marie Dean of Graduate Prog & Fac Dev 402-941-6087 Anderson 2nd Floor
Martinez Raphael Men's Soccer Coach 402-941-6372 Hopkins
Mathews Spencer
Matthews Spencer
Mayfield David
McDonald David
McKearney Jennifer
McKito Mike
McLeay Megan Instructor 402-941-6300 Mus
McMeekin Kelly M
McThenia Jacob
Meadows Kassara
Meints Jamie Area Coordinator
Melon LoveYour
Melone Ann
Mendenhall Regina
Merrill Sam
MeyerDr. Rachel Associate Professor of Biology 402-941-6490 SWA 202 B
Meyer Lee Instructor 402-941-6230 CLE
Michael Josh
Millar David Help Desk Manager 402-941-6275
Miller Chad R Head Baseball Coach 402-941-6186 Hopkins
Miller Jessica
Miller Tesa
Miller Roy
Miller Warren
Miller James
Mirpuri Navin
Mirpuri Prem
Missel MIchelle
Mitteer Daniel
Moore Lindsey Basketball Graduate Assistant Hopkins
Morris Melodae AND 404
Mortensen Jean M Instructor 402-941-6356 AND207
Moxness Diana Associate Professor of Nursing 402-941-6290 AND 214
Moxness Jon Associate Professor of Business 402-941-6313 AND 307 E
Mueller Kristina
Murphy Pamela S Instructor/Practicum Coordinator
Muth Trev

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Nabity Ben
Naughton Paul
Navarrete Marisol Accounts Payable 402-941-6103 Anderson 2nd Floor
Navis Christina Instructor FH111
NelsenRev. Dr. William Minister for Advancement and Church Relations
Nelson Merritt VP Student Affairs 402-941-6400 OSC 2nd Floor
Nelson Shawn Facilities Manager 402-941-6127 Clarkson
Nick Bradley Instructor
NielsenDr. Megan Associate Professor of Soc 402-941-6395 AND 414
Niles Belinda TEG Group Consultant
Noerrlinger Carla
Nursing Student

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
O'Connell Sara Residence Hall Director 402-941-6181
O'Connell John (Jack) Residence Hall Director 402-941-6411 Augustine
Office Box
Office Registrar`s
Oliver Danielle
Ostensen Jason
Overfield Gary Writing Center Consultant Writing Center Luther Library
Overgaard Amanda
Owsley Nichole Director of External Affairs 402-941-6530 Anderson
Owston Richard Mail Service Clerk 402-941-6173

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Packard Emily
Paden Amber Associate Professor of Psychology
Parde-Maass Annette Librarian/Resource Specialist 402-941-6252 Luther Library
Parking Midland
Parks Joel
Patten Nicole
Paul Jodi Gendral Manager
Peacock Kyle Admissions Counselor 402-941-6509
Pelchat Mason MBA Program Manager
Peoples James
Perrien Shane Director of IT & Library Commons 402-941-6171 Library
Perry Thaddeus
Peters Bradley
Peterson Melissa Adjunct Instructor
Phelan Jean Assistant Professor of Nursing 402-941-6286 Anderson 205
PHYSICAL PLANT 402-941-6130
Pleis James
Pokorny Allison
Portal-Admin Nexus
Prasad Amit
Pratt Denise Controller 402-941-6135 Anderson 2nd Floor
Project MillerHall
Pruitt Maegan
Public MLC
Purdom Matthew L

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Quinn Linda Nursing Chair/Professor 402-941-6280 AND202

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Ragsdell Nathan Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Coach
Ratelle Brent
REGISTRAR: Student Assistant 402-941-6221
RehwaldtDr. Jeremy Professor 402-941-6336 AND 403
Reilly Tom Athletic Trainer 402-941-6359 Hopkins
Reilly Scott
Reit Peg
Reports SA
Residence Life Office 402-941-6470
Richter Danielle MED Program Manager 402-941-6514
Riggs Alexandra Admissions Counselor 402-941-6092 AND 100
Ripperger Kasey R
Roach Dane
Roberts Sue Instructor FH210
Robinson Sara
Rodricks Gren
Rodriguez Troy
Rogers Harrison
Rogers Ryan Faculty
Rohde Abigail
Rohwer Kristine Mktg. Project Mgr. 402-941-6032 Anderson 1st Floor
Rosales Jennifer Career & Alumni Coordinator 402-941-6034 OSC
Ross Cathy Instructor
Roth Dawn
Rukundo Evangeline Assistant Professor of Chemistry 402-941-6322 SWA 302
Ryan Patricia Dance Coach 402-941-6488 OSC304

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Saikia Himalaya
Sass Raymond Vice President for Strategic Planning and Director of the MBA 402-941-6500 Anderson 1st Floor
SasseDr. Scott Associate Professor of Criminal Justice 402-941-6090 AND 417
Sayker Jennifer Student Success Advisor 402-941-6330 OSC East Side
Scarborough Mary Instructor
Schaefer Jane
Schafersman Todd
Schawang Lucas
Schmitt Chelsea Assistant Professor in Physical Education and Coach
Schnebel Megan
Schnoor Lynn Assistant Professor 402-941-6108 SWA 09 A
Schreck Nick
Schreck Katie
Schuknecht Cameron
Schulenberg Cassandra
Security Officers
Security Office 402-941-6444
Sellentin Tiffany Student Success Advisor 402-941-6378 OSC East Side
Senate Student
Severson Christopher MBA Instructor
Shankhwalker Akshaja
Shanks Eric
Shashidhar S H
Shell Tracy Associate Professor of Art 402-941-6301 Musbach-South
Shenouda Ihab Assistant Professor of Business
Sherwood Andrew
Shimabukuro Malia
Shinkle James
Shovan Alan Technical Support Spec. 402-941-6277 Library
Shrestha Bipin Computer Support Analyst 402-941-6204
Sigma Beta
Silva Jenae
SimpsonDr. Jamie Assistant Professor 402-941-6321 AND 415
Singleton Elizabeth
Sittner Patrick
Skala Jess
Skokan Debra Adjunct Instructor
Slupe Jill
Smith Daniel
Smith Sharon Instructor none AND 307 D
Smith PJ
Snow Amber
Snow Mark Instructor 402-941-6394 AND419
Soccer Midland
Sodawasser Andrew
SODEXO: Kitchen 402-941-6138
SODEXO: Office 402-941-6136
Speech MU
Speicher Katie
Star Midland
Stark Brian
SteedDr. Robert Assistant Professor of Nursing 402-941-6396 AND 208
Steinbock Valerie NexusConsultant
Steinbock-Email Valerie
Steinke John
Stevens James
Stewart LaVonne Administrative Assistant to the Nursing Program 402-941-6281
Steyer Adam GA for Baseball 402-941-6242 Hopkins
Stinman Daniel P Sports Information GA 402-941-6423 Hopkins
Stoltenberg Tim
Stratman Steven
Strecker Andrew
Strohmyer Brinton Faculty
Strong Gary Director of Physical Plant 402-941-6128
STUCNTR: Computer Lab 402-941-6456
STUCNTR: Conf RM, 2nd Floor 402-941-6473
STUCNTR: Conf RM, 3rd Floor 402-941-6454
STUCNTR: Copy RM 402-941-6403
STUCNTR: Game RM 402-941-6452
STUCNTR: Mail RM 402-941-6453
STUCNTR: Pool RM 402-941-6446
STUCNTR: Warrior Grill 402-941-6459
STUDENT HEALTH 402-941-6450
Support CANVAS Annette Parde-Maass 402-319-7068 Library
Swaney Nicholas Men's Golf Head Coach 402-941-6534
Swanson Diane Director of Student Accounts 402-941-6113
Swett Andrea Assistant Director of Student Life 402-941-6521 Olson 2nd Floor

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
TalkingtonDr. Brigit Instructor/Speech Center Director 402-941-6381 AND 407
TaylorDr. Connie Professor of Psychology 402-941-6292 AND 412
Taylor Steven L
Tegeder Gabrielle Instructor
Test fainaru
Test HelpDesk
THEATRE: Box Office 402-941-6399
THEATRE: Lobby 402-941-6190
THEATRE: Scene Shop 402-941-6398
THEATRE: Theatre Complex 402-941-6384
Thielen Kellt
Thomas Kyle
Thomas Jackie Instructor
Tighe Les Instructor AND 307 D
Tosspon Teri
Tour Acoustic
Trautrimas Patricia Professor Emeritus 402-941-6343 AND 400
Truax Michael
Tucker Taylor

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Uffman Christopher
Ullman Doug Director of IT Infrastructure 402-941-6266 Library
Upchurch Hiram Nelnet Contractor

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Van Marel Brandon Director of Campus Ministries 402-941-6205 OSC 2nd Floor
Vann Cindy
Vasa Alex Resident Hall Director 402-941-6418 OSC Second Floor
Vaughn Derek Instructor
Veidman Leigh
Venditte Nicole Asst Volleyball Coach/Weight Room Coordinator 402-941-6015 EC110
Vest Beau Head Wrestling Coach 402-941-6320
Vobejda Bill Instructor
Von Seggern Max
Vote Dan

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Wachter Rachel Student Success Advisor 402-941-6024 OSC East Side
Walterson Mitch Professor of Physics and Mathematics 402-941-6353 SWA 103S
Warkentin Jordane
Washburn (Kramer) Shanna Accts. Payable/Student Billing 402-941-6103 Anderson 2nd floor
Watson Douglas Director of Financial Aid and Express Services 402-941-6519
Watson Chris
Watzke Jenny Instructor SWA 02
Waymire Sherri
WebAdmin MDGP1
WebAdmin MDGP2
Webb Lana Gendral Manager
Weiman Troy
Wesemann Scott
Westfall Thomas
White Jason Women's Hockey Coach
Whitemore Erich Cross Country Coordinator Hopkins
Wiesen Kasee
Wigington Fred Instructor none FH111
Wilberding Brenda Admissions Counselor 402-941-6528 Anderson
Wilcox Zack Wrestling GA 402-941-6086 Hopkins
WilderDr. Courtney Associate Professor of Religion 402-941-6346 AND 406
Willard Matthew
Williams Ryan Offensive Coordinator 402-941-6347 Watchorn
Williams Bettie
Wilson Dan
Wilson Amber
Wilson Spencer
Wimer Shane G
Wise Morgan
Woelber Aubree Assistant Professor of English
WoodDr. Susan Associate Professor of English 402-941-6341 AND 410
Woods Pat Security Officer 402-941-6444 OSC
Work Study Admissions
WorkStudy Academic
Workstudy Athletics
Workstudy Career
Workstudy Communications
Workstudy Finaid
Workstudy Athletic
Workstudy Marketing
WorkStudy Math
Writing Center 6245 402-941-6245

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Yeager Neuzil Andrea
Yenny John Head Cheer Coach
Yoder Jennifer

NameTitleCampus PhoneOffice/Location
Zechman Janeal
Zetocka Brittney Counselor
Zimmer Molly Assistant Professor 402-941-6375